At Arteco Partners, we value sustainability, creativity, and education. We encourage and support arts-friendly businesses in our communities, we encourage public art initiatives, and we make our own businesses as eco-friendly and sustainable as they can be by switching to solar power and using only green products.


We are proud of our “community-focused” projects and partnerships with educational and arts non-profit organizations, such as The School of Arts and Enterprise, VaRRA, Cal Poly, Pomona, Western University of Health Sciences, the dA Center of the Arts, the Progress Gallery, and the Latino Art Museum.

Our Mission.
Arts Initiatives

Art is one of the most defining aspects of Arteco Partners, which is why we try to incorporate art into all of our buildings - whether with public artwork, by encouraging more arts-friendly businesses to open in one of our communities, or by offering Live/Work artist lofts in Downtown Pomona, Ontario and Claremont. We also hold art walks and art-related community events at each of our properties.

Eco-Friendly Initiatives

At Arteco, we feel that sustainability is one of the most important aspects of any company. That's why Arteco Partners and the Fox Theater will soon operate fully off of solar power. We use green products in all of our properties and encourage the use of eco-friendly and green products by all of our tenants and businesses. 


The School of Arts and Enterprise

Ed and Jerry Tessier are two of the founding members of The School of Arts and Enterprise, referred to as the SAE, and Ed is also the current President. The SAE is a 6th -12th grade State Certified Public Charter School, located in the heart of the Pomona Arts Colony. The SAE embraces and encourages artistic creativity and academic excellence and is based on the belief that creative artistry is fueled by intellectual insight. This innovative school uniquely provides a nurturing environment focused on individual growth, opportunity, and diversity.

dA Center for the Arts

The dA Center for the Arts was the first permanent art gallery in Downtown Pomona, established in 1984 to be a cultural center for artists and residents. in 1996, they moved into their current space, which was donated by Arteco Partners.

Latino Art Museum

The Latino Art Museum is a non-profit organization created to promote the works of talented Latin American Contemporary artists living in the United States. They are located in the basement of the Founder's Building in space that was donated by Arteco Partners.

The Progress Gallery

The Progress Gallery is a non-profit art gallery in the Pomona Arts Colony, located in the basement of the 1931 Art Deco building that formerly housed the Progress Bulletin. The space was donated by Arteco Partners and turned into a gallery that features local and collegiate artists, and is available for use by colleges and qualified artists.


Vail Ranch Restoration Association

VaRRA (Vail Ranch Restoration Association) began with a small group of people who wanted to save the remaining land and buildings of the historic Vail Ranch in Temecula. After purchasing the site, Arteco Partners worked closely with VaRRA on the restoration of Vail Headquarters to make sure that everything was historically accurate and authentic.